Second Day (27 May, Wednesday)

  • What did you do today? 
  1. Briefly describe your day’s activities 
We analysed the data we collected from our experiments of total reflux distillation and reflux ratio distillation and hence concluded that total reflux is a more efficient distillation method as the components are allowed to have more contact with each other in total reflux distillation than in the reflux ratio distillation.
  • What did you learn today? 
I learnt how to calculate the number of mols using the formula given to us: mass/molecular mass, and how to analyse data, plus making a conclusion from the results collected from the experiments.
  1. Discuss any learning points from today’s activities 
  • How do you feel about today’s activities? 
I felt that today's activities were really meaningful and gave me a better insight of chemical engineering and fractional distillation.
  1. Describe how the project has affected your understanding of the discipline and how it may be applied elsewhere 

  1. Share your insights for the day 
  • What new questions do you have regarding the discipline?

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